Bakersfield - The Roadshow continues!

Hi Followers,

after two weeks of bad weather we have started yesterday again. Our first demo was 40 miles north of Bakersfield. Our dealer, Pioneer Equipment, is a big CASE dealer, so I also have to use a Case Puma with 195 hp. The baler here is also a different one. At the one we used in Imperial Valley we attached an accumulator, now we have one with an applicator and moisture kit from Harvet Tec.
Link to Harvest Tec

The demonstration was very successful. We made perfect bales on the hilly field out of the wheat and oat with 1450 - 1750 lbs (depends on the moisture, here we had from 9 -17%). Because of the Case without front hitch we had to use another small Case to weight the bales, but this split system is also perfect. While I bale with the customer my colleagues could weight some bales - also from the Hesston baler of the customer in the same field. He could only reach 1050 lbs at the same bale size (3x4x8ft)

Also the moisture kit from Harvest Tec works perfect too. It is very nice, when you can see in the cabin exactly how much moisture every part of the bale has. It shows you the the actual moisture in a bar chart - every bar is 3 seconds, all 30 bars together are the last 90 seconds of baling - and as an average of the last bale. We didn't use the applicator jet, but the applicator is connected to the moisture kit and works in an automatic mode.

So far!

Regards Niklas