Roadshow 2010 - Here we are!


This is the english version of my Blog about our JCB / Krone BiG Pack 1290 HDP Roadshow 2010. On this site I will tell you many important and interesting things I will experience while driving through eight States of the USA with a JCB 8250 and the Krone big baler BiG Pack 1290 HDP. On this map you can see the planned route of the BiG Pack Roadshow.

You will ask you, why we do all this. The answer is very easy. We want to show you our HDP big baler, the first baler in the world that can put as much material in a 3 x 4 ft bale as you normally have in a 4 x 4 ft bale. That implies, with the Krone High Density Press (HDP) we have 25% more material and weight in our 3’ x 4’ bales. That saves you a lot of money. At the end of the day you have 25% less bales on your field, on the truck and in your stock, but the same Amount of tons. Fewer bales to handle, truck and store.

Here you can see some pictures of the tractor and the baler.

And of course some words about me, who will run the whole tour. I’m 27 years old, from Germany and now it’s my third year for Krone. The last two years I worked with sales promotion in Spelle, Germany, where the head offices of Krone are located, and where we build all the Krone machines. Before I worked for Krone I had studied agriculture science in Kiel in the north of Germany.

I’m now in our office in Reno and at the moment I’m still waiting, that the crop down in southern California is ready to be baled. But I also have a lot of work to do to get everything fixed in the trailer, to get all the stuff together I will need in the next eight months. Next week I will go down to Imperial Valley to see what’s going on there.

So far

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