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today I want to tell you about the grand opening at Reno office and warehouse last Thursday and Friday. For this important event Bernard Krone, owner of the Krone Group and Wilhelm Voss, member of the management board, from Germany, and also Rusty Fowler, president /CEO of Krone North-America from Memphis office came over to Reno. Thursday evening we had all together a great dinner with many customers and dealers from the western region at the Grand Sierra Resort, and on Friday we had an open house at Reno office and warehouse at

4674 Aircenter Circle
Reno, NV 89502

I think both days were very successful for everybody. Here are some pictures of the open day on Friday.

There was also an offical part on friday - Bernard Krone had to cut the ribbon. Here it was the strong Krone HDP twine, but it was not strong enough for our owner!

But of course it’s a lot of work to prepare such a big event. The whole week before everybody helped to clean up and to arrange everything. Here you can see how the new Krone sign was hanging up just over the front door.

I also had to put all the spare parts into my Roadshow Trailer, and we had to clean all the cars, the Krone Machines, the trailer and the whole floor in the warehouse. But on Thursday noon everything was done.

Here are some pictures of the warehouse I took two weeks ago.

How you can see we are now well prepared for the comming season to send spare parts very quickly to the western region. Because it's very important for our customers to get their machines running again quickly.

So far!

Regards Niklas

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