Washington - Good Bye!

Hi followers,

After some really good demonstrations in Washington it's time to say "Good Bye"!

I also want to say "Thank You" to Kirk Oswalt, our salesman at Farmers Equipment Company in Sunnyside. He made some good arrangements for Demonstrations in the Sunnyside area, and because of his good work we were able to show our baler to many prospective. We baled oats, alfalfa and wheat straw.

It was the first time, that I baled straw, but ist was also very successful. We also had an Krone BiG Pack 1290 XC and a Case LB433 in the field - so it was also for me interesting to see, how much more weight the HDP can make.
And the result was not so bad - The bales of the HDP had weights of 1164 / 1115 / 1140 lbs. The normal BiG Pack 1290 XC (but without knifes) made some bales round about 905 lbs, and the Case baler was only able to make 850 lbs bales. All bales were 97 inch long.

Also the speed was interesting - The Krone balers were much faster then the red competitor.

The bale shape was the best of the HDP baler with the new 2010 top door (The top door of the 2010 models has a additional rail on each side)
But how said Forrest Gump? "..it happens". I was a little bit too fast (I baled with 13,5 mph) on the headland, and a bale ran exactly at the moment off the bale shoot. It hit the ground, jumped a little bit further, and fell directly into the nearby creek. But we were able to get it out with the bale scale and a strap.

The straw demo was also the last demo in Washington. Later that day we hit the road to Baker City, Oregon, and Friday morning we made it to Caldwell, Idaho. That's also the place, where I stay the next week. Togehter with Burks Tractor we have hopefully the same success like in Washington.

See you in Idaho!



  1. Those are some awesome looking straw bales!! Good luck in Idaho. I was wondering where in Idaho you will be and for how long?

  2. Hello Kris (or Rosie ?)

    I was last week in Caldwell and I had some demonstrations together with our dealer "Burks Tractor" in Caldwell. Today I moved to Twin Falls, and hopefully we have also some demos here (also Burks Tractor). As it seems at the moment, I will move next week to Idaho Falls. But that is not sure at the moment. Are you from Idaho and are you interested to see the baler perhaps if possible in your field?

    Regards Niklas