The BiG Pack Roadshow 2010 is done!

Hi Followers,

The Roadshow is done. At the 15th of October I finished the Tour after 90 Demos and 10400 Miles in Garden City, Kansas. The Baler has now 150 hours and 5795 Bales on the counter. That is nearly 2 miles per bale!

In the last six and a half month I traveled through 10 States - California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma and I showed the Krone BiG Pack 1290 HDP to round about 160 interested persons.

In Colorado and Kansas we baled some Sorghum and of course corn stalks. But here some pictures of the sorghum. It was the second cut (3-4 ft. tall) and we made some 1700 lbs bales. We never baled stuff like that before, but without any problems I made every 50 seconds a bale with 26-30 flakes. The customer who runs a round baler was very impressed - not only because of the weight, but also because of the speed and the easy handling of square bales.

Also the bales looked pretty nice, and the "little brother" had no problems to load and move them.

In corn stalks we used both balers - the BiG Pack 1290 HDP Roadshow baler and a BiG Pack 12130. With the HDP we could reach in shredded material 1750 lbs, and in only raked stalks 1520 lbs. Everybody told me, that corn stalks make a big mass especially at the knotters, but I didn't had much trouble with that.

At the 4x4 we didn't lost a single knot because of knotter issues. With the 4x4 we baled in Fort Morgan, Colorado again shredded material, and the heaviest bale hat 1980 lbs - also 8 ft long. After some adjustments at the prechamber we could reach 8 mph, and the bales looked pretty well too.

The third crop we baled in Colorado and Kansas was Alfalfa - but I think you have seen enough pictures with a BiG Pack in Alfalfa. If not, go back to California Times.

So, the Roadshow is done - but what comes next?

I'm already back in Reno - after three days of traveling through the rain - and I will go back to Germany at the end of this week. It was a great time here in the USA. I've seen so much of the country and I've met only nice and friendly people. It was a great job for me and I liked it very much. Also the whole team of Krone North America did a really good job, and I got great support from everybody. Thanks a lot that I was able to run this great successful tour!
Back in Germany I will continue working at the sales promotion / Marketing and it would be a pleasure to meet somebody of you one day in Spelle or somewhere else. Also my email-address niklas.beindorf [at] krone.de is still the same, so if you have any more questions - please let me know.

That's it from my side here at this place.

Thanks a lot for following my Blog and have fun!



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