Bakersfield - Rain and bad weather last week stopped the Roadshow

Hi Followers,

last week we had some hard rain in the Central Valley, so that we were not able to run any demonstrations. They also talk about rain next wednesday, but I hope that we become better weather after that. It is really boring, when we can't run any demonstrations. Ok, I had some other work like maintanance at the JCB Tractor to do, and I also cleand up my trailer, but now I'm done with that.

At Saturday we, another service guy from Krone Spelle and me, visit our customer lambchops in the field to see his new BiG X 1000 in operation.

It is cool to see, how smooth and powerful the BiG X 1000 with it's 1000 hp works on the field. It also did a good job pulling out the trucks when they get stucked at the wet field. The four wheel hydraulic driven machine had no problems even with heavy full loaded trucks. The camless PickUp EasyFlow3801 made also a very good job in the heavy winter forage.
So far after a week without baling!


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