Small Update - Bakersfield, here we are!

Hello followers,

I just wanted to tell you, that we are done at the Imperial Valley, and that I drove the JCB up to Bakersfield last Friday. 

We had eight demonstrations at the Imperial Valley, and I think everybody was very amazed about the smooth running of the whole machine, the perfect work of the camless EasyFlow Pick Up and of course about the perfect heavy bales, we did. For me it was also a very interesting experience to see, under what conditions the guys down in the valley have to bale. Most of the time you have only a very short time window from less than two hours to bale the hay with 9-14% moisture. In the early morning it is still to wet, and after the sun came out it started to dry so fast that it became too dry after a few hours. I also never heard about too dry hay in Germany. We have so much rain over there, that we are happy to have a dry week in the summer time, to get any hay. Most of the time we can only bale silage.

Also the trip to Bakersfield was very nice. I made the 360 miles with the JCB in nearly 10 hours, and I saw many different kinds of landscape on my way. 

So, this week and probably next week we have some rain here in Bakersfield, but I hope, that we can continue with our Roadshow at the beginning of May. 

Here are some more pictures of our demonstrations in the Imperial Valley. 

See you!


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