Nevada good bye - Oregon, here I am!

Hi Followers,

after some busy weeks in Nevada I will start next week in Oregon.

The last two weeks we baled in Fishlake Valley, Fallon, Susanville, Lovelock and north of Winnemucca. Our Dealer Dan Smith (Smith Valley Garage, Wellington NV) lined up some really good demonstrations, and I was happy to see so many prospective in the field. We showed at 15 field demonstrations more than 54 interested customers our BiG Pack 1290 HDP.

Everybody was able to drive with me on the JCB, or if he liked to drive by his own, he could make some experiences by his own. I think, everybody was impressed when he saw the baler with higher speed than the competitors making heavier bales. Not only one time we could beat the competitor baler about 600 lbs (Krone baler 1850 lbs / Competitor 1250 lbs). Also the great features which come serially with the baler like a central lube system that greases all the moving parts at the baler except the drivelines or the great steering tandem axle with hydraulic brakes and leaf springs enjoyed nearly everybody. The cam less header and the huge flywheel make the baler running so smooth, that one customer asked me to start the PTO - but the baler was already running.
One customer plugged the baler, and was a little bit scared when he could hear the ratchet clutch at the VFS system running over. I told him to throttle down, and after a few minutes the baler and the pre chamber cleaned itself again. The only thing we had to do was throttle up again, and we could go on baling. That customer liked that feature very much. No shear bolts to change, no problems with the timing - not even a reason to leave the seat of the tractor.

At the end of last week I left Nevada on Highway 140 from Winnemucca to Lakeview and then to Alturas, CA. It was a long drive through the desert with a lot of nice landscape. On the way I lost a hose of the cooling system, because a hose clamp slipped of the fitting, but I could fix it again in the middle of nowhere and I luckily had enough water in the applicator tank on the back of the baler. The little water bottle with only 0,5 litre was not the fastest way, to fill the missing 25 litres up again, but it was a way, and after 1,5 hours I could continue my trip to Alturas.
Friday and Saturday we had three good demonstrations in the Alturas area, and next week I will start the Roadshow in Oregon. See you!

Regards Niklas

PS: Dan, thank you very much for the good work and help!

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