Washington - Sunny Time in Sunnyside!

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I'm at the moment in Washington, Sunnyside, and everything works pretty well. The weather is perfect - perhaps a little bit too hot - and our Salesman Kirk Oswalt from Farmers Equipment Company in Sunnyside arranged some really good Demos with lots of  interested customers. We baled mostly Alfalfa Hay, but also Bluegrass and  Oats, and the BiG Pack made a perfect job in all kinds of material. It's not a big deal to beat the competitor balers in weight and/or speed.

At the last demo I baled Alfalfa Hay, and I made bales with 1780 - 1850 lbs. The competitor balers could only made 1250 lbs. The customer was really impressed, because I was also faster in the field. We had to fill up some Harvest Tec Preservative so I started half an hour later than his balers, and at the end of the day I had 78 bales on my counter, and his operators made only 68 bales. So, the next morning we played with some numbers, and we found out, that it is no problem to replace his three baler by two Krone baler. He has one third less bales to handle, one tractor and on operator less, and he saves money for twine and fuel. After he stacked the bales, he told me, that he likes the stack with the Krone bales more, because the solid Krone bales are easier to pile.

Here a picture of the Krone stack!
And here a picture how it looks when you stack CNH bales!

I also have some new records - I made the first 8ft. bales with 2150 and 2165 lbs (Alfalfa Hay, 13% moisture) and I could beat a 4x4 baler by 40 lbs per bale! (also Alfalfa Hay)

Last weekend I visited some friends in British Columbia, Canada. Of course, it was nice to meet everybody after four years again - I worked in 2006 for a Timber Company in Salmo, BC. Also cool - now I crossed the United States from South (Mexican Border) to North (Canadian Border).
It was such a cool weekend. We went swimming in the Pend d'Oreille River, we went to Trail and we spend the half night at a small bar with live music, and the cops, who pulled me two times over were not very familiar with the German / European Driving License. Both times they told me after turning my License three times around "OK, when you tell me, that that is your driving license - have a good and safe trip!"

I've also seen a lot of the beautiful country again - Columbia River is so gorgeous!

I've one more week here in the Sunnyside / Kennewick area, before we go eastwards direction Idaho.

So far at the moment. See you next time!


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